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These must be the most mis-described vases of all.  Almost anything with a "bark like" texture is described as Whitefriars

Above this text is a photo of the standard Whitefriars bark vases  As these vases were mould blown, then the sizes rarely differ significantly.
Left to right:  Pat. No: 9689 6 " tall, diameter 2.75" / Pat. No: 9690 7.5" tall, diameter 3.25" / Pat. No: 9691 9" tall 4" diameter.


6 inch tall Bark vase is Catalogue pattern no: 9689
Approx. diameter at rim:  2.5 inches
Approx: weight: 686 gm.

7.5 inch tall Bark vase is Catalogue pattern no: 9690
Approx. Diameter at rim:  3.25 inches
Approx. weight:  931 gm

9 inch tall Bark vase is Catalogue pattern no:  9691
Approx. diameter at rim: 4 inches
Approx. weight: 1675 gm

By comparison, a Ravenhead “lookalike” is 6.5 inches tall, 2.25 inches at rim and weighs only approximately 349 gm.

 Above  is Pat. No: 9734, a bark vase with a fluted base.  This measures 10.5 inches and was made just for a few months only in 1969.

Below are photos of some vases seen on ebay or elsewhere which are often described as Whitefriars.  Unless tagged with the makers name, actual maker is unknown.

   Red vase by Ingridglas.


Above a genuine Whitefriars bowl Pat.  No: 9687 c. 1972. Colour is Aubergine.


This is the view of the bases of two Ruby vases.  On the left - not Whitefriars ; and on the right - Whitefriars, below the full profile

                                                                                Oberglas Austria                  
I have been told these are by Davidson, but I am not sure, only thing I am sure about is that they are not Whitefriars. New information come to light is that these vases are from Japan.

Here is a useful link to the Glass Message board  which shows some of the Japanese vases with labels.,52989.msg300971.html#msg300971

Viking Hyacinth vase USA

Viking Hyacinth vase label

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