Thursday, 20 June 2013


None of the photos above are of Whitefriars glass!  This is a  blog in which I hope to show some glass which is so often wrongly attributed as Whitefriars when it is not.  Time and time again you will find them on ebay, in  auction houses, Antique shops and Collector’s Centres, independent dealers and at Fairs,  all misattributed!

It drives me absolutely crazy to see new collectors of Whitefriars spend good money on glass which is as far removed from being Whitefriars as it is possible to get.

This is not to say that the items shown here are particularly inferior in any way.  Some of the makers illustrated on this blog have a high profile and are hugely collectable in their own right. 

But not every piece of glass that has a polished pontil mark, or bubbles, or has a texture or similar shape to some Whitefriars pieces can be attributed to Whitefriars.

I am an active member of the specialist web site  I certainly do not know everything about all glass, so this blog, although my idea, has also some valuable contributions from my fellow members by way of photographs and information.

I would like to consider this as a “collective” blog   and I thank all of those forum members and friends who have  contributed to make it a hopefully useful resource. I hope you will find this informative and useful.


Most photos here are by kind permission of the owners.  Some have been used from the Whitefriars Mistaken Identities section, where people have freely posted them for identification purposes.  If there are any objections to such photos having been used, then please email me, and they can be removed.  This blog is intended as a friendly learning experience and not to gain in any way from publication of the photos.

Emmi Smith

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