Saturday, 21 August 2010


The Whitefriars Wave ribbed vases are often confused with similar from other makers, but the Wave ribbing is very different on the look-a-likes.

Two examples below which are NOT Whitefriars (possibly Webb) .  You will note that the wave ribs are in a continuous flow around the body of the vase.

The  examples below are of Whitefriars vases, where the wave ribs are "drawn up" rather like a curtain at each wave intersection.

Pattern number 8473 Amber (left) and Twilight (right)

                                     Whitefriars rare Emerald Lampbase Pattern Number 8057.

This is a view from the inside of a Whitefriars Wave ribbed vase which shows the six sided "star" shaped ribbing in the base.  This is unique to Whitefriars.

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