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The following information on these Tea Light holders was supplied by Michael Bennett archivist of the Old Hall club, which I appreciate very much.
These photos are from the Old Hall Collectors' Club archive.

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 The holders in the first pic were originally produced by the Cheltenham Tool Company as part of their 'Lifespan' tableware range, and listed in their catalogue as being "complete with a windlight in Swedish glass". The colours were described as ruby, amber, smoke blue, amethyst.  That company was taken over by Old Hall in 1967, which continued to produce them (in a limited range of colours after 1970 )  The trouble started when some blithering idiot had a description published by Miller's Guide to the effect that these holders were designed by Robert Welch and fitted with Whitefriars glass.  Sellers on eBay were not slow to take this up, and it's needed a couple of years to stamp out both of these attributions.

 © Michael Bennett

There are a lot of Soda Glass look-a-likes from many different glass companies.  Below left is a photo from a German glass company ( sorry can't read the name).  Photo  © Robert Leach.
The Photo on the right : Whitefriars Pattern number 9594. Photo  © . And here's a link to the full range of Soda Glasses made by Whitefriars and some of the history of them.......

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