Sunday, 22 August 2010


This boxed Ravenhead "bark" vase must the most commonly misdescribed vase. (photo  © David Fletcher)  It is sold on ebay, by dealers and in auction houses wrongly attributed to Whitefriars. I imagine thousands were made as they just don't stop turning up, and they also come in a bright blue colour - possibly other colours too. They are commonly found in two sizes - 6.5 inches and 8.25 inches approximately.
                                                         Blue Ravenhead vase

Below is a photo of the three Whitefriars catalogues vases - sizes are 6 inches, 7.5 inches and 9 inches.

The following is a photo for comparison purposes . L - R: 7.5 inch Whitefriars, 6.5 inch Ravenhead and a 6 inch Whitefriars.

As you can see, the Whitefriars Bark vases by comparison are far more substantial.

More comparison photos..........

Rim finish is totally different.  The Whitefriars on the right has a rounded and fire polished rim, whilst the Ravenhead has a flat ground rim with a band of crimped
detail at the top.

Above is a photo of the base treatment.  On the left the Ravenhead vase is flat, on the right the Whitefriars vase has a ground out and polished pontil mark.

And finally a photo of the "bark" texture.  On the Ravenhead one the moulding is vertical compared to the Whitefriars distinctive bark design.

BEWARE of falling into the trap of buying a Ravenhead vase which is described as Whitefriars.  They are a very inferior glass quality by comparison and have little resale value.

Finally, a comparison photo of a Ravenhead tumber(on the left) and a Whitefriars tumbler on the right.
 The Ravenhead tumbler is far lighter in weight, thinner and with a rounded rim.  The Whitefriars has the distinctive bark moulding, has a thinner top rim which is ground and polished.

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