Wednesday, 12 May 2010


The Whitefriars Trailed glass myth!!!  Before that famous store Woolworths closed down, it was selling a variety of Art Glass.  One of the items was a trailed vase, selling for about £7.99.  Here it is!

Photos above  © David Fletcher.  These are seen many times on e-bay - label removed - and described as Whitefriars!!! I have also seen them with a white trail.  BEWARE!
Some have sold for a considerable sum - odd really - as they do not resemble the real thing at all !

Photo below is a comparison - and below that,  a Sapphire Blue Trailed Pat. No. 8914

 Whitefriars Pattern 8886 Amethyst
and below a Whitefriars Ruby Footed Trailed vase.

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