Thursday, 20 June 2013


Whitefriars made swans from 1938 - 1980 in sizes 5"/6"/8"/10".  They were a classic shape and actually do look like a swan, although I have seen them described as sea-horses or dragons !  In 1978, this classic swan was changed by the addition of a foot, so can be clearly identified as the later swan. Below are some examples of both non Whitefriars and Whitefriars.

The above photo shows two swans which are NOT Whitefriars.  The dark blue one at the back was made by Kingsware, a slightly distorted shape and the glass is characterised by streams of small bubbles throughout .  They also normally have a rough "scar" on the base.  The smaller one at the front may be by Murano, comes in several sizes and many colours and sizes.

Above two Whitefriars swans.  The FLC Aqua one at the back sits on a "foot" and was made 1978 - 80 in this colour, plus Ruby, Sky Blue, Gold and Flint only.
The smaller one is a 6" Sapphire swan.  The base of the Whitefriars swans is usually flat and polished.

Some examples of Whitefriars ducks.

               Below,   a Czechoslovakian duck with label  often mistaken for Whitefriars.
Czechoslovakian Duck

Close up of label of above duck

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